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We are a development company founded by software developers. We truly love what we do. Our passion is in our work, and everything involving doing things in the best possible way– for the code, and for our clients. Our company grows organically through our network of trusted friends, and it is very rare we take outside additions. Because of this, we have superb working relationships with everyone on our team, an outstanding company culture, and the ability to get things done much more quickly than other, more traditional companies. Our work truly is our life, and our hobbies tend to revolve around the work that we are currently doing, as well. This may sound like “geek hell” to most people, but to us, it is our paradise!

The founder of our company, Michael Glenn, spent much of his life moving from city to city doing contract work for various companies, including Fortune 100 companies. It wasn’t until he made his way out to the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon that he had the vision of founding his own technology company, and did so. A few years later, he moved to Orange County, California, where he has been since 2005. Several successful companies later, he has enjoyed the fruits of the adage “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. This view shapes the way we work at Devion, and we allocate projects to those on our team who we believe not only would do the best work– but those who would do the best work precisely because they enjoy the type of work that it is.

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