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Hi, I’m Mike Glenn, founder and CEO of Devion. We do things a bit differently here– and that’s a great thing. I personally interact with every one of our clients, regularly. I’ve been developing software for over 15 years, so I know what good code architecture and design is, and so do our highly experienced developers. Devion’s software developers focus on cutting-edge technology, providing solutions for online universities, SEO companies, communications firms, governments, and international analytic groups.

We cater to your unique business software needs by using only experienced developers (our “new guys” have been doing this for over a half-decade) and are able to provide any or all aspects of planning, management, development, testing, deployment, and can even provide resources for internet marketing afterward. While we provide cutting-edge cross-stack development, our specialty is a focus on open-source platforms in closed-source environments (this means we won’t release your code– unless you want us to).

Do you have software or mobile applications that you need created, or simply want to update your legacy systems to meet the reality of the new needs of your business growth? Give us a ring and guide us through your problem so that we can custom build you a solution to best meet your business needs and timelines. We are available 24/7 at (727)263-3669.

Want to know more of how this works? Let us shoot you over some of our documents outlining our general process flow. Once you see, you’ll realize how intuitive the process of developing custom software can really be. Simply email us at and we’ll tell you how to get started without any obligation.

Code-Balancing Specialists

We have developers specializing in over 100 languages. Do you want a PHP dev coding JS? Surely, they are capable, but why not use a specialist in each language to maximize output and minimize cost? That’s precisely what we do– and you only have to interface with a single person.

On-Time Delivery

Over 92% of our approved project plans are delivered ahead of schedule. We take delivery seriously and while new specifications and other dependencies on external variables can play a role, our staff is highly effective in mitigating these situations and ensuring a delivery schedule that beats your deadline.

Enterprise Support

We specialize in making highly available, scalable applications that are ready for enterprise deployment. We will provide you with a roadmap of scalability so you know what to expect, when to expect it, and how to respond to it both through technology and through staffing.

Here at Devion, software development is our passion. We have grown up in it, love it, and live to do it. We pride ourselves on extremely fast delivery of code in its highest quality, and written in the most modern languages.

From Languages like Ruby on Rails, PHP, Node.JS, and Python to frameworks from Symfony, Laravel, Codeigniter, Zend, and custom frameworks to ecomm solutions with Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, Prestashop, or even WordPress, our team of developers have the pride, experience, and skills to create exactly the web application you need– on time, in spec, on budget, and with perfected, scalable coding.

Our teams has built world-scale web applications that are used by Fortune 100 companies around the world. Many of these apps have been visions of their executives built from the ground-up. Others have been correcting, enhancing, or maintaining pre-existing applications, bringing them up to speed and addressing new business needs. All of our products and projects have been finely tuned to be scalable, reliable, on-scope, in-spec, perfectly documented, and deployable on large to massive scales.

Please contact us at (727)263-3669 to talk about your current business needs.

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